Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Personal imperfections

1. My instinctive reaction to silence is to assume that I have given smoldering offense. When I am right in this assumption, it reinforces a global mental rule, giving rise to imprecise analysis.
2. I often know the log in my eye that is preventing me from seeing things clearly, but I just get so used to the splintered astigmatism that I become comfortable with the view.
3. I tend to think of myself as a B class blitz chess player who inexplicably plays like a C class blitz chess player. After 7,000 games in the C class, it is time to accept that how I play is what gives me a 1400 rating rather than a 1600 rating.
4. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then I wonder what quirky limbo is surfaced with the seashells of half-formed daydreams.
5. When I browsed "the 50 worst rock and roll songs of all time" book, I found that I love many of them.
I took an un-natural pride in having a kind of personal "Manhattan" moment, wishing to tell the authors how I love all those songs. I want to write an essay about "Unforgettable Fire", defending it.
6. I love good conversation--and thus should reach out more to initiate it.
7. For a person whose professional success depends in part upon an ability to negotiate with tact,
my personal life can involve some tactless comments--especially on the internet.
8. A corollary to 7 is that I like brash, assertive people. Yet my skin is sometimes unduly thin. This may be relative, however--gradations of crocodile luggage.
9. I could write a biography with Edward Hopper super-realism called "Exquisite Details of Times I have made a Fool of Myself".
10. My delight is a kind of mental analytical organization, which is sadly accompanied by few inklings of any physical space organization.
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