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I like the way that life so often resembles science fiction. Take spyware. It's alive! You run things to nip it in the bud, and you think you have it, and then it arises again, assuring you that your computer needs a faux anti-viral solution. "Aliens", indeed. I am glad that switching browsers helps--must download another even more useful browser soon.

I like to surf weblogs about new technology and alternative licensing schemes. I like, though, that I don't really bookmark them or remember them, so that I have to wander a bit to find them again. Life should have a little Agatha Christie to go with its inherent Asimov-ism.

Speaking of science, I am disappointed to see that Ben Stein affiliated himself with the latest anti-science "it's a giant conspiracy" anti-evolution film. I suppose I must see the film before I critique it in full--but I can still express my disappointment when someone who should know better does not know better. Although Mr. Stein has political views miles from my own, I admired once that he recognized the problems in the junk bond market and wrote about them when it was not a popular thing to do. Now he's out
denying science. What next? Denying integrated circuits?

Everywhere I see showy evening primrose flowers. They, rather than bluebonnets, seem to be the abundant thing this year. The native salvia and daisies in our yard bloom nicely.

I saw a picture of my 15 year old nephew today, who looked roughly as old as I did at 22. It's amusing how different people look different ages at different ages.

I am not sure if it is a virtue or vice that I intended to treat myself to a cinnnamon roll for breakfast, but I got so hungry I had raisin bran instead before I could make it to the donut shop.

I downloaded a few pieces from the Piano Society website today--a Copland and a Buxtehude. I wish they had Creative Commons licenses, though--their odd "you can download but don't give it to anyone" license is less effective to promote their work.

This will be a busy day--but shouldn't they all be busy days?

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