Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Piercing Memories

Piercing Memories, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

The time for chill mornings leading to warm afternoons begins to fade, so that the morning itself is warm from the get-go. Spring storms still saunter through--as I type this, two counties to the west are under tornado warnings.

I'm reading about Haydn. I like the way that a writer removed by generations can make such off-hand assessments, based on long-playing records, a few live symphonies heard, and the assessments of others. I make such assessments myself, from to time to, on even less authority.

I thought today about a foolish hope I nurtured, long ago. The details are unimportant, all these decades later. I felt that brief pang that arises when one's own ancient history is uncovered--and then memory seals the crypt, and leaves the dead to bury the dead.

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