Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wave files

I wonder how people do it. I bought a classical music download in wave file form. The wave files, of course, are "better" than mp3s. I have a high-speed connection. Yet downloading more than half a gig of material is still an issue. I firmly believe that digital downloads are superior to CDs for so many reasons.
Yet the large download problem is real--this is why I really prefer mp3s, until the technology improves.

Yesterday was a bit of an "all dressed up and no place to go" moment, because a set of hearings I thought would happen this week are going to postpone instead. I was not surprised to find this was so, when I arrived at court to check in, and found that myriads of boxes for a two week trial were being wheeled into the courtroom.

I've been reading classical music weblogs, as continuing preparatory education for my new project "how to save classical music". I'm amazed at how many performances and recordings still come out in this "down" time. Classical music, like poetry, is perpetually in need of saving though it is loaded with practitioners.
I plan to use an ingenious strategy to help save it--I plan to become an advocate for small-group performances of lesser-known works, and releases of albums into the Creative Commons with easy download available--see also I am a good "audience" type.

Speaking of performances, I hope my age is not betrayed too greatly when I profess a deep love for the pleasures of the matinee' (although as I type this, involuntarily the 70s standard "afternoon delight" comes unwanted into my head, a profane counterpoint to what otherwise might have been a sacred weblog moment). Everything should start at 2--concerts, planetarium shows, and movies featuring Jerry Lewis in his prime.

I am so thrilled with the weather, and the sight of Texas flowers along the roadways, and the sounds of birds singing. Although I like to savor each day as it comes, I will not be sorry to see Saturday arrive.
I plan to try to do a more "earth-friendly" day, by either staying near home or taking the train to somewhere scrumptious. I wonder if people should really use "scrumptious" in such a precious way as that last sentence.

It is time to start my own music weblog, but I must figure out which of the weblog hosts is best for embedding mp3s and XPSFs. Livejournal has improved, but it is not yet at the place it needs to be for hosting media.

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