Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Long Defeat--Variations

The ambient artist C. Reider, who is vuzh, just released the album "Long Defeat Variations".
"The Long Defeat" is an album of ambient music he recorded some years ago. For "variations", he invited three other ambient artists to do new songs which were comprised of samples from his work.

The resulting "Long Defeat Variations", by C. Reider and Friends, is a free download of Creative Commons music, which, to my ears, explores a particular type of despair. The other pieces are by C. Reider, mystified and Kirchenkamp.

Do you remember that job that drove you to quiet distraction, so that you pensively watched your life rumble by, as if you were in a perpetual winter day? "Long Defeat Variations" is the soundtrack for that mood.

If you're interested in background music to your inner brooding, you might enjoy downloading the album for free from:

this link.

My piece is the fourth on the album, and was created entirely by remixing one 7 second section of ambient guitar into a 15 minute piece.

Not everyone will "get" or enjoy this,though it's not "noisy" or particularly "difficult" work. But the right pensive person in the right pensive mood will love this. If you do, let C. Reider know.

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