Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Kitchen Bananas

Kitchen Bananas, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I sure did write a long post that got swallowed. It was about:
showy evening primrose, martin houses by the side of the road,
8 sunfish caught by me, 7 sunfish caught by him, an authentic and quiet Thai cafe, a tiny, unexpected brown-ish hummingbird-like bird amid the prairie, out of apparent season, Kristin Hersh, banana thrift, a white dove, wetland wildflowers on a frisbee golf course, being made the subject of a weblog post at, bluebonnets, loving Texas flowers, a can-jo playing "smoke on the water", being thrilled to hear a sneak preview of an ambient compilation on which I am one of the participants--and how I am always aware of being among people who do the genre right, being thrillled to have another, short piece accepted for a compilation by one of the very best ambient/experimental netlabels, the thrill of fishing cormorants, my wife's hard work, a muted kudo to a pope who seems to "get it" on a key issue, fresh sushi at a new place called Okada, a remix completed which "puts to bed" a nagging synth melody I'd all but abandoned--sometimes brilliant is less important than finding things a home, in the way that snails and Jim Walters do.

But that post is vapor now.


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