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Bring Spring Flowers

Bring Spring Flowers, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

We walked our dogs Beatrice and Ted this evening. Bea would see a rabbit in someone's yard, and strain to reach it, to no avail. Her seeming failure did not diminish the excitement and joie de vivre she experienced from the mere possibility of rabbit-y delight.

I thought today, inspired by this post, about how all this wonderful personal media technology need not be "rush, rush, rush", but instead may be the ticket to "slow down, focus, concentrate". A certain luddite analog/digital divide arises, as if the technology must be a bane rather than a boon. Yet the ability to create our own media experiences, not bound by the ones the large corporations wish us to have, offers us the chance to make a tactile change to the clocks of our personal time. A song need not be 3 minutes long so as to facilitate radio commercials. A movie can be 10 minutes long or 10 hours, without being bound by popcorn sales planning. We have the power in new ways to keep life interesting--at our own pace.

The bluebonnets are beginning to bloom in the huge school field near my work. Bring it on, Lente: the endless growing and becoming and passing and changing.

The Court called today and advised me I can attend my hearing by telephone. This means I can go to the physics centennial. Tomorrow I must plan the logistics.

I love the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Raisin bran, mini-wheats, granola, mueslix. Familiar brands, strange brands, brands with blueberries. I do not hate consumerism--I just want to see it made more green, vibrant, local, sustainable and alive.


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