Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Make a Wish

Mass media, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

1. I wish I had not somehow managed to get a hearing scheduled on Friday, on the same day at the Physics Centennial Reunion at my university. Now I must decide whether to go a five hour drive away (or short flight on a grasshopper plane) for only part of the fun.

2. I wish I had a three-stringed can-jo.

3. I wish I spent every weekend getting a needful work chore done as I did last night.

4. I wish that I could eliminate the last vestige of the unwanted program from my system--it's almost all gone, but it returns in a small and easily fixable, but distracting, way from time to time.

5. I wish I had the energy to figure out who is behind from the internet registration people and to file an appropriate lawsuit to deal with my concerns about that product.

6. I wish I spoke Dutch and Spanish.

7. I wish I had a weekend at a cabin in a lake in Alabama, near my niece and nephews.

8. I wish I were better at keeping in touch with everyone.

9. I wish I could lose 3 pounds in April.

10. I wish I could sell or donate nearly everything bric-a-brac-ish that I own to someone who might use or love each item.

11. I wish that every night I could take a walk by our local pond, and watch a blue jay chase a scissortail flycatcher, to no avail.

12. I wish I had field recording samples of the harmonium I heard on Sunday.

13. I wish I worried less, and installed Mozilla more.

14. I wish I could program in Logo or one of those other programs that works more intuitively.

15. I wish that on every walk, as with last night, I could see the rabbits that Beatrice fails t osee.

16. I wish I could think of more melodious sounding things to record five seconds samples of for use in my synthesizer.

17. I wish I remembered how, when I bought hundreds of chess books, I ever imagined I would read any of them.

18. I wish that I took books to the library before they are overdue.

19. I wish I did not take to the library books not checked out from the library.

20. I wish I had a public domain book of simple melodies in the key of C, so that I could create a public domain dulcimer/can-jo notation book.

21. I wish I could go on another freeware location streak,to find things as useful as Pivot Animation and Slicer and Drawing for Children.

22. I wish I counted my blessings more often, and perhaps even vacuumed and organized them.

23. I wish I could take the primitive painting of a farm I got for ten dollars to antiques roadshow and it turn out to have this amazing back story that justified why it is sitting in my garage now.

24. I wish I would sign up for a course in the basics of how to draw.

25. I wish I had spent my 25 wishes on peace on earth, good will toward people, and massive conversion to solar energy.

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