Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

LD 13 (A4)

On February 28, I was asked if I wished to participate in an ambient remix project. I was provided with access to an album of ambient music, and encouraged to sample from those pieces to create an ambient remix. I like this kind of remixing, because I do not really do much of the "build loops to be a dancing jukebox" pop music, but love to do "sample from interesting sources to create something entirely different" music.
The result is burnt on CD, on the second try, after a frustrating failure of the first try to burn correctly.

Although this is only the second try at a burn of "LD 13 (A4"), it is not the first draft. The ultimate draft count would depend on methodology, but it is a double-digit figure. My first try was very dark and harsh, and made my car speakers rattle in interesting ways on a drive from Austin a few weeks back. Then I did several tries which were more or less straightforwad electronica songs. Finally, I worked out an ambient piece comprised of rising and falling drones. This has gone through four generations.

I thought I had the piece done first thing this morning, so I burned it onto CD and popped it in the stereo to hear on the way to work. I liked the music well enough, but a great deal of "artifact" was in the mix, as if I had done a shoegaze song with my acoustic guitar in a TASCAM cassette four track. I rather like that kind of hiss,but I decided to apply all kinds of anti-hiss effects to minimize it. The result reached the sound I wanted to achieve. It's ready for action rather than pristine. To me, this type of ambient involves telling stories without words or even pictures. Like poetry, an experience like imagery, but not quite a set of images, hovers.

Perhaps every song has an audience. I know that two people will understand what this song is about. I thought at first I would be raging and triumphal. Then I thought I would be spare and tune-like. Now the piece is another set of feelings than either of those.

I feel that with any literary, musical or artistic endeaovor, if one knows what one is trying to do, and one other persons "gets it", that's a tremendous success. It is this model of creative participation--trying to connect with the understanding niche of folks--that guides me in this and many other endeavors.
To speak to a million who don't understand you is probably pretty good--but to speak to a few who completely get you is sublime.

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