Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

how to know you have become a livejournal cylon

1. You're convinced that your friends' page is so sparse because everyone on your reading list has really exclusive filters which screen you out.

2. You take every deletion of another person's weblog mildly personally.

3. You worry more about human rights for new Livejournal users than human rights for people in Burma.

4. The phrase "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" makes you wonder if it's time for another subtitle for your journal.

5. You often feel as if what you really need is about a two hour conversation, one to one, with any of dozens of your weblog friends, at some International House of Pancakes as yet to be selected, at 2 in the morning.

6. You fantasize far less about improper misconduct with anyone than you fantasize about cool comments to your latest post.

7. You see deletion from another's reading list less in human terms than in terms of epistemological pondering--does a tree in the woods make a noise when it's chopped down by a virtual logger?

8. You're concerned that nobody is out to get you on the internet, and you worry you should write more interesting posts so that you can have nemeses. Nobody conspires against balsa wood.

9. You've long past moved beyond living vicariously through others' posts and just accepted their stories directly as part of your own life.

10. You fantasize about getting people to make voice recordings with the phone post mechanism to use in your creative projects.

11. You belong to livejournal communities whose purposes you no longer remember.

12. If you hit the random key 10 times, you find someone you think is really cool--and you don't even have to say "I believe in Mary Worth" to make it work.

13. You share the twin worry of having grown apart from a weblog friend and the worry that your weblog friend has not even noticed the distance at all.

14. You worry that the only social community you really understand is eBay.

15. You ponder questions like "lj-cut" and "twittering? why?".
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