Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bursts of flavor

Today I managed to bite down on a starburst candy and somehow create a dental issue or two which should, in my estimation, never have arisen from a chewy Starburst. It's a bit like that case of Palsgraf, where somebody jostles a bag, which turns out to be filled with explosives, which explode and hit a scale, which falls on somebody, or some such. My dentist is probably short of good stories to hear, so he can hear mine next week. He gets to look bemused when he deals with me.

Tonight we went to Cafe Malaga', the new tapas bar in McKinney. We found it very good, although, as can be the case with tapas, we ordered more little portions than perhaps we ought to have ordered.

I am now 358/600ths of the way through with the 15 minute ambient remix on which I am working, which I plan to finish by March 31. I also found someone to do the spoken word portion of my pro-science track, which will be fun collaboration. I made progress on my public-domain-music-distribution idea as well, and actually set out a first, very rough outline of an overall plan.

Tomorrow we drive through snow to a daffodil festival.

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