Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Vintage Hats in a north Texas antique store

Today I:
--walked with my wife in a wooded state park whose trees were filled with thousands of singing robins
--drove past alpacas dining on winter grass
--ate lunch at a small town barbecue place with a special home-made pepper sauce that tasted as if it smoked the meat
--shopped in antique stores in historic Denison's downtown
--bought vintage sheet music in a wonderful book store
--took field recordings from three vocal pet finches in a wedding planning store in Sherman
--placed an ad in a ccmixter forum seeking spoken word artists to help by reading a vintage anti-science essay for a song which silently parodies the forces of anti-science
--began sequencing and re-arranging the Haydn Wood 1916 public domain song "Roses of Picardy", a bouncy love song, into a slow, sonorous song.
--discovered that one key to writing a new arrangement for a song is to throw away the notes that do not sound good and add in notes that do sound good.
--listened to the first draft of the sound/dialogue track to the animated film on which I am helping a friend by doing the soundtrack
--ate sushi in abundance, after deciding by a hair against cold soba noodles (on the ignoble ground of not wanting to slurp aloud)
--mailed out 2 eBay sales to begin my chess book winnowing process
--accepted an exciting invitation to do an ambient remix
--read fascinating explications about media and video in other peoples' weblogs
--wondered if there is a phrase for robins similar to a "murder of crows"
--saw a pear tree begin to bloom
--walked our dogs by still waters, restoring their souls
--snapped photos of vintage hats in an north Texas antique shop.

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