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back yard bird feeder, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Monday is often one of my most productive work days. Perhaps my batteries re-charge over a weekend. Perhaps a weekend removes the illusion that my batteries need charging. Perhaps a third theory, as yet undetermined, explains all. Perhaps no unified field theory of Mondays exists.

Last night I took a box of books to half-priced books, and sold it for the princely sum of 11 dollars and 50 cents. I re-invested 1 dollar and 10 cents in an autographed chapbook by a Grand Ole Opry star that I knew would sell on eBay. Today it sold for 3 dollars.

At lunch, I was able to break free from a very productive schedule to
take another box of books to Mesquite's paperbacks plus, one of my favorite metroplex bookstores. I used to go there often when I lived in Mesquite. My box of books earned me 83 dollars of store credit, which I may apply toward half of the price of book purchases. I purchased a history of bird-watching.

The bird feeder I installed at work drew some birds on Friday, but many birds over the weekend, who managed to eat all the seeds in the feeder. I re-stocked today.

I am puzzling over creating PDF books of public domain works, sample libraries of seven second samples, and drawing 1,000 pictures, one by one by one.

I got some initial very positive feedback as to two of three creative projects I proposed this weekend, and very positive input from a third person who encouraged me to propose the third project. I am focused on ways to accomplish goals, and practical means to worthwhile ends.

A few weeks ago, someone wrote me an e mail asking for information about a music store in Sherman. I mislaid the e-mail,which is inexplicably missing from my filing cabinet. If anyone among my readership wishes the information requested, please drop me a line.

Warm weather is returning. Birds are singing. Our small magnolia is blooming. I am optimistic.


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