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Picture from a kaleidoscope, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I exchanged e-mails with a friend about a topic about which I think a lot lately--seeing things that are *there*, rather than seeing things unduly afflicted by inner narrative about what "ought to be" or what is "the story". I love context and "story", of course, but sometimes the story is in the thing observed rathre than in one's thoughts about the thing observed. I am excited by the exchange of ideas, and the possibilities for collaboration.

Today I sat on the small ceramic bench near our back yard bird feeder, and watched the house sparrows from "close up". They flew surprisingly nearby. I used my .3 megapixel Mikona to take a very hazy picture of one sitting on a fence. I also watched them from afar, so that I could see them at the feeder.

Today I attended Weight Watchers, where I learned that I had lost two pounds. I notice that when I consciously eat reasonably rather than extravagantly on the weekend, and get a lot of exercise on Satuday, this happy situation results. I am now 216, when I want to return to under 210. I thought to myself, that the 210-216 range is a far better range than the 291 range at which I started tihs project in May 2005.

Today I made two strides forward in my de-cluttering project. I took a box full of over fifty books to Half Priced Books. I sold them for a very modest 11 dollars and 50 cents, and managed to buy only an autographed "Songs by Remember, by Wilma Lee Cooper, Grand Ole Opry", a 28 page chapbook of moutain tunes, of the kitchen table self-published-looking variety. I then put this up on eBay, as I think it will met more than the less than one dollar I paid for it.

I chose 50 books on chess to be gradually eBayed in the coming weeks. I am tired of having dozens upon dozens of books on chess I never read, on strategies I never play. My latest results in the International Correspondence Chess Federation team tournament, in which I am losing every or nearly every game, tells me that my extensive chess library is not making me an incredibly effective chess player. I therefore trimmed my holdings to a few endgame books and opening books devoted to the King's Indian Attack, King's Indian and Pirc/Modern, and am selling the others off.

Today I figured out how to affix my point and shoot Vivitar camera to a dollar store kaleidocope to make interesting pictures, to be digitally enhanced using my cheap Photo Masterpiece photo editor.

Today my wife and I went on a walk at the Towne Lake Park. Dozens of people were fishing there in a fishing derby for trout. I took pictures of ducks and gulls. I always feel at peace in this active yet calming lake park.

Today I made a substantial dent in the laundry.

Tonight I proposed an exciting project for publishing public domain music for free consumption to a fellow who shares my interest in this field.

Today I completed two songs for an album on which I am working, using sound samples as spoken word tracks.

Today I heard a speaker at Weight Watchers talk about positive thinking and defining results, and celebrating successes.

Tonight we ate fresh fish, simply prepared, at Rockfish Grill.
Tonight we watched the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice on PBS.


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