Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Curiouser and curiuoser

We had dinner with friends and went to see Scotland PA tonight. An incredibly well done
dark comedy, McBeth in a small town burger joint.
We loved Maura Tierney, who was just dynamite as Lady McB. I wish the person in the seat next to me had not been intent on explaining to her
boyfriend the out, damned spot metaphor, but
sometimes a cloud obscures Orion. James LeGros is also very good in this film; the whole ambiance reminded me of my own small town teen years in the early 70s. Our local burger joint was called the Daisy Queen, though, not McBeth's or Duncan's.
Tonight I had a number of questions on One of my volunteer areas to answer questions is in "chess". Now
I'm an author of a small chapbook of
light mildly comic poetry, "Chess Poems for the Tournament Player", which I've sold
somewhat extensively but in a very small way
on ebay. It sells really well, and the curator of the Cleveland library's chess collection wrote me the nicest letter when someone donated a copy to that collection. I'm ready to print up another very short print run, and I've been working on my second book, "Gerbil Theology". But
tonight one of my allexperts questioners sent me a chess game score to annotate, along with the
question--"hi, I've read all your books....".
I feel just what an AM radio host must feel
when, on his/her first day on the job,
someone says "first time caller/long time listener"....

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