Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Chronicle of a Thought Experienced

My drive to self-education sometimes follows the yellow brick road of Golden Books. I find so often that books want to tell me really intricate hobbyist or specialist things, when I first need to learn really basic, "touch the bases" kinds of things.

This week I've been reading a 1960-era guide to bird-watching. What strikes me is how much of the book does not seem dated at all. The same issues of conservation and the joy of nature suffuse this text as might suffuse a website today.

I fear I am never going to be a good birder, if birding means that I must forsake the pleasures of watching ubiquitous house sparrows in favor of seeking to list all the varieties of unique obscure larkspur.

Saturday I plan a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, an indoor aquarium with a rainforest exhibit thrown in for good measure. The weather is chilly and mildly forbidding, in an eclipse-ruining way.

I picked up a bird feeder to place outside my office window tomorrow. I hope the birds will flock in.

Today I learned that kind folks in the Netherlands included one of my remixes in a media show about the way in which the internet is changing media. I am always grateful to be part of the effort to spread and promote a sharing culture.

I was up until 3 in the morning Wednesday trying valiantly to remix some very worthy song stems by the former L7 artist Donita Sparks.
I finished my remix--birdsong, riffs and all--but the experience reminded me that no matter how much I enjoy rock, remixing rock songs is not my favorite thing. My mix was quirky but very pedestrian. Still, I am grateful to Donita Sparks for posting her song stems for easy remixing, as I think this is the kind of read/write sharing that makes modern media so much fun. We can all use Creative Commons licenses to permit remix, assemblage, and new ways to share.

Tonight I saw clients at the Salvation Army. This intake duty is not strenuous work, and the clients are almost always very nice. They are people who take the initiative to get legal advice when they need it, and that impresses me. It's always tempting to left things slide.

The United States Supreme Court actually handed down a decision (on arbitration clauses) with which I agree, which makes 2 (out of several) this week.

I'm thinking about the importance of inter-connection, and the unimportance of many material possessions I own.



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