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bare tree, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

The promised thunderstorm came with not only rain but great 2 a.m. thundering alarum. Our dogs set up a chorus of accompaniment.

I had wondered when the rain would begin, because all day long Monday the clouds filled a warm sky. I took a very brief walk during lunchtime at Springfield Park in Rowlett. Deep blue clouds and a chilly light breeze contrasted with warm air temperatures.

I like walking among bare trees in warm weather. The warmth keeps the birds active and singing, yet the lack of leaves makes them more visible. I looked up at a fliying bird, and saw the telltale coloring of the downy woodpecker landing among the bare branches. I loved the flash of red head and little tux suit.

We watched Frank Capra's "It Happened One Night" on television last night. I had not seen this one in years. I liked learning during the introduction that the film was a "quick movie" about which neither star was excited, but it then turned out to win Oscars for everyone. I think there is a lesson there somewhere, although I do not really elaborate the lesson beyond that vague sentiment. I like Claudette Colbert's movies.

I read of the troubles afflicting the home builder D.R. Horton in the news yesterday. We bought a Horton home, with which we have overall been pleased. The company is now experiencing the downturn in real estate quite directly. One statistic stood out for me--the company states that forty percent of its buyers do not complete their sale arrangement, due to lack of financing or other similar reasons. That seems to me a high figure. I hope that the recession proves to be less lengthy than some fear.


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