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I believe I have mentioned before that I think there is a great deal to be said for running for political office when one belongs to a party that has no pragmatic chance of election. It permits one to have all the requisite chicken dinners and bonhomie, but none of the burdens of elective office.

I was pleased this week to find that one of my loans throug the charity had been repaid in full. I took my resulting 25 dollar repayment, and promptly loaned it to a woman who runs a streetside fruit stand in Peru. I have always wanted to visit Peru, but I will settle for loaning lucre for selling snacks to passing Peruvian pedestrians.
There is a Peruvian place not far from my work. Perhaps it is time to visit there.

Our dog Ted acts a bit under the weather. I worry about her. On the google sidebar on my computer, a photo of roses in the Tyler garden appears, as if to comfort and renew. Then a red admiral appears, and then an abstract drawing I drew.

Notice to retailers: if you want to avoid having record-low January sales seasons, then make your post-holiday sales less "confined to two hours a day" and "quantifies are extremeley limited".

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