Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wickedly wonderfully crooked smile

My hobby efforts at creativity this evening proved more educational than productive. If I can keep learning, though, I may soon be able to take strides to achieve what I wish to achieve.

My eBay sales went reasonably well, with 3 things sold at a decent price, and 3 buyers having paid promptly. I could imagine selling more often, as I once did.

Today someone mentioned cake, and this evening I'm reminded that my favorite cake on birthdays was a German chocolate cake from a local bakery where I grew up, featuring the most luscious golden coconut frosting.

I like food memories, as with the giant fried prawn that would come on a pie plate at Frankie's Cafeteria during my childhood, or even the white pineapple, sliced neatly with a machete-like blade, from last week.

I watched people on American Idol go through the usual motions of "my life will end if I don't make it" about a talent show.
I work in a field in which cases are "won" or "lost", so I appreciate the virtues in winning. Yet aside from this specialized area, I think my point of winning pride is that I won a cake walk two years running.
I've never needed a gambling addiction, because I have twice landed on the cake-y square, proving that Fortune smiles on me with an elegant, if not orthodontist-approved, incisive smile.

This is Week One of Tunafish. By week 3 I will know what I am doing. By week 12, it will be second nature. Then let me eat cake.


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