Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Dear Myspace:

Heron by the Ocean, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I hope you are doing well. Let me express once more my appreciation for the way you serve as a combination bulletin board, music and concert guide. I think it's impressive that a big corproate behemoth owns you and yet you still remind me a bit of the early days of BBS systems. Are you going to be hanging out with the Wall Street Journal any? I'd love to see you educate large corporations in how to discover cool bands, or, on second thought, maybe I would not like for that to happen.

Let me get to the point. Remember when I was in Costa Rica, at that hotel with the funny casino where instead of a roulette wheel they used a squirrel cage of numbers? I stilll wish I had bid 1,000 colones there. Yes, that one, with the empty hotel restaurant with top notch service and food from Heaven, up in the mountains.

You spoke to me then, and asked me a good question. You saw where I was sitting, and asked me if I wanted to try out Myspace in espanol.

I know that my Spanish does not go far past "Quisera dos enchiladas, por favor" and "Donde esta la panaderia, por favor?",but I am fairly certain that the Spanish word for "no" is "no". SoI clicked "no".

Yet each day you greet me with a charming Spanish page when I log on. I think your accent is no better than mine. We neither of us will be true ticos. It took me three tries to figure out how to buy the tarjeta de telefonicos during my last trip.

I believe in religion, science, and Google. I have tried every trick they suggest for how to return me to the Texas English of my birthplace.
I grant you that I was born in San Antonio. Please, though, could we speak English once more?

Spanish is for me a wonderful thing, a mystery, and a future resolution. But isn't Myspace my space?




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