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57 fragmentary notions and 2 sales

Vultures in Oak Trees, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

When I began creating a series of songs last Spring, I began the salutary practice of numbering each new song. However, a numerical system lacks the mnemonic advantages that naming the songs might have had. Today, I finished the 57th song. Tonight I combed back through the songs to remember which ones were which, and to describe them a bit.

These are my notes, which were not originally designed for republication, but which show how I think, and thus are pasted here:

1 is "Hotel Lobby in Osaka"
2. is an odd song but nearly complete.
3. is a heavy-handed thing using the prophesea synth that might be a fun remix.
4. is the curious thing that I used for a remix of a suzi q song.
5. is a fragment with an interesting melody worth revisiting.
6. is a lovely melody written for the french girl who never did do that
spoken word piece. lovely, if simple,
7. is "oh canada" with with gurdonark samples as the non-sampled version, now called "whiteshell"
8. is the curious vidgame thing called "virtual war"
9 is the uptempo harpsichord thing called "On-Line Blitz Chess"
14 through 18 are song fragments
20 is anomaly
21 is a complete song called "Modern Art Museum at Night"
23 is the percussion behind Calendar Girl remix "july"
24 is an uptempo fragment which is worth revisiting.
25 is a song fragment with a music box
26 is "lullaby"
27. is a song fragment
28. is a complete song called "Greencollar Jobs"
29. is a song fragment
30. is a song fragment
31. is a song fragment
32. is a song fragment
33. is a complete song called "Arcade Daydreams"
34. is a song fragment
35. is a theremin song fragment
36. is a complete song, the dirge for 2 soldiers song which should be entitled "Black Vultures in Flying Formation"
37. is calendar girl "may", which should be retitled "Suburban Garden"
a "without mixter samples" is so titled.
39. is longing for home, and should still be "longing for home"
40. is "moodle"!!
"seeking human love in a robotic world" is the version of this song
without mixter samples ,while the mixter mix is in the noise/joy as
that's what she said.
41 is the fragment dark axe remix
42. is hark the herald angels sing
43. is the gentle japanese-like melody that is a mixter remix.
44. is the soundtrack to "recuerdo" which is to be titled in its
insturmental form "flight to Lubbock"
45. is a complete song without a title.
46. is "happy birthday nadia"
47. is a song which is well along to completion.
48. Alone at Love Field is the Brisbane airport song without the
irritatingly non-CC samples involved.
Driving through rural Texas on Sunday morning is in the my music
49 is an unfinished song using the bucky johnson moog sample.
50 is the prayer for karl guthe jansky
51 is a cool sample with a beer bottle with water in it.
52 is an unfinished melody
53 is the jodsong
54 is an unfinished melody
55 is a pleasant unfinished melody
56 is a more finished version
57. is a complete song called "Siamese Fighting Fish"

I'm glad to finally catalog my 57 melodies, which are actually only x melodies and y fragments. Now I can select 10 or 12 t o put together as a collection, and then decide whether to keep them insturmental or add vocal samples.

I've been eyeing a shareware host, having cleared a few things out virutally so that I can now try to expand my capabilities, but perhaps instead of a VST host I'll just get a stand-alone soft sampler, because I seem to enjoy Sawcutter 2.0's sampling capability best of all.

I've had rather a good run at JC Penney this week. The weak economy seems to have retailers in a panic,and sales abound.
I had a less wonderful run at Weight Watchers today, as I am on a midly uphill incline of a weeks-long plateau. Fortunately, imminent vacation awaits, which will include massive exercise in warm climates, which will be a tonic for the troops.

The bird feeder has become a huge hit with little sparrows, who are just delightfully cute as they crowd 'round it. Now if I can just take to 1/2 priced books or a donation site all those books i wish to clear from my bookcase, I will feel productive.


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