Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A set of goals for 2008

This year I set some concrete goals:

1. Lose 12 pounds. Although during 2007 I achieved the "goal" weight I set with my doctor, I'm about five pounds over that now. I'd like to go ahead and lose 16 pounds, of which it is reasonable to seek to lose 12 this year.

2. Start a monthly podcast. I've done a bit of podcasting, but this is the year when I want to start my own podcast, which blends talk, music, interviews, and non-fiction narratives, all about the things that interest me.

3. Convert more of our home to compact fluorescent lighting. For that matter, sit down with the monthly electric bill and monitor ways to reduce usage.

4. Reduce the number of books I own. Neither a warehouse nor a library be. For that matter reduce the number of things--and try to own more things like compute rprograms and fewer things like things that clutter up my space.

5. Stay in better touch with relatives--not only my father and siblings, but extended relatives as well. I could be far better at this than I am.

6. Release two albums/EPs on netlabels I do not own. If I cannot find a placement for them, put them up on jamendo, but be more oriented towards release.

7. Write non-fictino to promote the netlabel movement, and do something to disseminate it.

8. Increase the things I do for others, whether it is donations to animal adoption groups, increased volunteer time, or other similar types of things. I have in the back of my mind a half-formed idea about learning to make a craft-type thing,and then selling it at one of those little craft fairs as a fund-raising device. I'll bet I could make birdhouses of scrap lumber, or something similarly fun.

9. Learn more about remixing to a capella tracks, so that I can not only match bpm but do a better job of composing melodies for 'pellas.

10. Enter three poetry contests.

11. Take a course by distance learning. It's time to be more pro-active about self-education.

12. Take a weekend break in near-west Texas. I am too oriented to go east or north, when some really fascinating parks lie to the west. I'd like to go to Copper Breaks about a four hour drive from here, or take a long bike ride on the plains rail trail at Caprock Canyon about six hours from here.

13. Buy a cactus. 2007 was a great year for my little cacti. Why not expand on a good thing?

14. Keep seed in the bird feeder. I bought a new little 3 dollar bird feeder a couple of weeks ago, which the local sparrows adore. I want to keep that feeder stocked with seed.

15. Set up a terrarium.

16. Go to a star watch party.

17. Go to three classical music performances. I like chamber music, but do not often go. I plan to remedy that.

18. Reach out to friends, even if it involves sullying stamps with saliva.

19. Mail out things I meant to mail out.

20. Take pictures of wildflowers, butterflies, and birds.

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