Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Friday Night: a Question and a Singer

First, quiz time.

I listened this morning to the Science podcast, for January 4, which told a gripping tale of a species of butterfly which has a "co-evolutionary" predation relationship with a species of ants, all in the lovely (and never rotten) state of Denmark.

Apparently, the butterfly's caterpillars secrete something that tricks ants into thinking they are ant larvae. The ants do not win from this relationship, as caterpillars apparently have a taste for the ants. Sometimes, though, the ants figure out that the caterpillars are wolves in larval clothing, and make quick work of the caterpillar. The working hypothesis is that this rather film noir relationship causes both to continue to evolve ways to avoid the risk presented by the other. It's a bit like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, except with odd, semi-compulsory flower essence inter-species adoptions in the mix.

The quiz question is this:

In your life, can you name a few things generally challenging for you which in fact made you grow to be stronger? Elaborate?

Exhausted? That's good. That means you're doing it correctly. As I write this, it is Friday night. Therefore, I encourage you to take a break.

Meet my cousin, Allison. I am never sure if she is my second cousin or my first cousin, once removed. I remember her mostly as one of two cute little girls that would come with her father, a nice guy who's a tad older than I am, and her mother, who's really nice also, from their home in the east.

Allison sings. So lean back, click on the video below, and enjoy a girl and a guitar:

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