Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

is that your final number?

fields of endless yellow, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Anyone who imagines that a gathering of literature professors explicating forgotten texts engage in unmatched bouts of speculation has never listened to cable news election prognostication.

All these clearance sales on digital cameras make me tempted to upgrade again. How low can they go? It's a question for a literature professor, and election analyst or a macro lens.

The nights are chill, the days are warm, the wind is endless. Texas is like a family reunion in those ways.

I am gifted with siblings who know how to gift. I am facing three potential trips over the three coming weeks, which, if they all come off, would involve three rather different locations. I like to travel, but perhaps not so sequentially.

I would like to stand on a fishing pier in a warm place, staring out at
infinity. Perhaps some day, in the Spring.


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