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was once lost but now am found

The livejournal thing works. My first post
managed to indicate how I got lost in the title,
but my rewrite left out the loop trail from hell.

This weekend I've been thinking about law firm hiring. In 1999, law firms hired new associates at exorbitant rates, and many law grads got a great job. In 2002, hiring is much slower.
I think our profession does not do a good job
of transitioning law grads into the field.
We know that middle class folks can't get their legal needs met, and yet we don't help fashion ways to transition all these law grads to meet those needs. At the elite end of the scale, though, law firms are either in boom or bust.
Either they're paying kids right out of school
120K to 150K, or they're laying off associates
imprudently hired during the boom. Although the
phenomenon is market-driven, I'd have to think that law firm planners could do better with this.
Of course, I just run a 2 man little shop, so I don't know the challenges that these megafirms face. I do know that (a) law firm hiring trends seem to fluctuate in ways that disadvatage everyone, even the firms, and (b) the also-ran law student should be helped into practice by the bar so that both new lawyer and under-served client
have a win-win situation. I guess I'll have to
shed my customary reluctance to be a joiner and see if anyone in the TX bar is working on
the underemployed/unemployed lawyer situation.
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