Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

here and now

Driving home from work at 11 p.m. on New Year's Eve features more advantages than disadvantages. I prefer to drive the freeways on nights other than Saturdays and other holidays which are alright for fightin'. Yet the hour before the New Year arrives features less traffic than I imagine the two hours after midnight features.

I lunched at the The Cosmic Cafe yesterday on a kind of pizza-thing served on naan.
The cafe vaguely reminded me of college days and of the short-lived hippie store in Gurdon, Arkansas in the early 1970s, called by my favorite strore name of all, Vascular Bundles. Those were the heady days when no party was complete without a black light shining on fluorescent posters. The Cosmic Cafe had yoga lessons, and a soup of the "Here and Now", but in my youth it would have featured the smell of burning sandalwood. My evening meal, a bowl of raisin bran con leche, rounded out a vegetarian-ish day.

I wish for everyone warmth, healing and fresh croissants.


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