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this was the year that was the year that was the year that was

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When I review my journal, I note that last year at this time I was snug and warm on the Texas coast, albeit as I recall it now I was not actually entirely warm, but only warmer than I will be here in north Texas. Today, by contrast, I am heading into my office for a solid day of work, with an afternoon meeting giving me some question about when my year will end.

I did not purchase tickets to the Cotton Bowl, though the Arkansas Razorbacks play here in Dallas. The tickets were somewhat pricey, though only unreasonably so and not absurdly so. By contrast, I passed up seeing Van Morrison this weekend--though I believe that
he's a show one "should" see--because the most inexpensive tickets were 150 dollars each. I certainly do not knock any artist charging what the market will bear, as artists so often can't charge much at all. Yet the day has not (yet) arrived when I will spend the cost of a weekend trip, an expensive piece of software or about 300 song mp3s for a concert. I mean that, too-even Hannah Montana, whose tickets are scalped north of 300 dollars-- could not make me change my mind.

The weather lately has started off chilly in the morning, but hten warmed to a livable warmth. Perhaps we should do tomorrow what we used to do in Los Angeles. We had a mini-tradition of meeting a friend at the Seal Beach Pier just south of Los Angeles. We'd bring fishing gear and drop out lines in to fish, but never caught much of anything. The pier was always quiet and there were always great sights and sounds to soak up.
Perhaps we can find a similar way to unobtrusively people-and-nature-watch our New Year into being.Bird-watching. That's it. Binoculars, quiet concentration. Birds.


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