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high plains

FRACWILD, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today we got our January trip re-scneduled so as to avoid a scheduling conflict. I I took a moment to look at the lodge at which we'll be staying. It looks pretty promising. I hope we see cool creatures with unique coloration and sparklingly witty animal personalities. I don't mind anthropomorphizing in the interest of wit.

We dined on fresh fish and good company at the local seafood restaurant, and then went to "Charlie Wilson's War". The movie was reasonably entertaining, but not as informative as a recent documentary we saw on the same subject matter. The movie did affirm one of my guiding principles, though, which is that concentrated effort in a direction can make a meaningful difference, while the kind of perfectionism that stifles effort can prove a comforting road to despair.

I've been studying Buzz Machines to see if I want to try out its freeware synth and sequencer. I'm also reading about Caprock Canyons State Park, a place I wish to visit in 2008. It's a high plains stark country about six hours from here--it looks like Heaven or Texas.

I enjoy playing with Winfract, a fractal art program.


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