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tinker tonk

Snow Contrast, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I really think I should write to the Tinker Toy Company, as I believe that my gift for melody is sufficiently limited that it might lend itself to the sound-tracks for tinkertoy opuses (or is it opii?). I like the way that the Oxford Concise Dictionary of Archaeology contains lots of terms that sound worthy like eco-functionalism and time-space convergence. Last night we watched a PBS speical on Bob Newhart that was filled with hidden messages about eco-functionalism and time-space convergence, if only I had known of the words when we watched. The Oxford book does not list the term tinkertoy, by the way, but it does list Jocelyn Toynbee, who wrote Art in Roman Britain. Sometimes when I dig into any subject I find, as with digging holes with a post-hole digger, that no matter how much dirt one removes, there is more underneath. It makes me want to buy a box of tinkertoys and make my own soundtracks.


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