Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Candle's Warm Glow

Although I do not mean to convert this space into an Xmas jukebox, I will also mention a bit of holiday programming with a decidedly different bent. The dark ambient label
Darkwinter offers free downloads of albums which in the main revolve around the form of ambient music which is based less on traditional melody structures and more on a sense of the power of sound, particularly lovely sound in minor or unconventional keys.

For those who like their holiday music to be a bit more on the dark, splendid and foreboding side, as a warm nod about the over-something-or-other of much holiday music, Darkwinter presents "A Candle's Golden Glow" for free download. This features songs such as mystified13's "Silent Night, Droney Night", "Fall on Your Knees" by Bunk Data, and Datua 1.0's "Final Joy".

It's for dark, cold Winter nights, and glowing candles. It's got my odd birdsong "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" as the kind of frail dawn at the end.

If you'd like something a little less predictable in your xmas listening list, then
you might go here for the Creative Commons download, which follows the 'say anything' pattern of not wanting you to buy anything, sell anything, or do anything related to buys or sells. It's just a bit of (dark) ambient holiday enjoyment.

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