Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

it came upon a midnight clear, those glorious songs of new

The most exciting commercial record label in America is Magnatune, which uses artist-friendly contracts (50% of sales directly to the artist), Creative Commons licenses for people to hear before they buy and remix non-commercially at will, little flash players on the album pages for free no-need-to-download sample, and even something like if you buy their albums, they'll let you give a friend or two the right to download.

Only some people celebrate Christmas. Another set of people like good Christmas music despite their belief systems, but cannot abide what usually shows up on the radio and the store Muzak.

Magnatune has a simple solution: until Christmas Eve, the label is giving away a free album of tasteful, well-played, unique and worthwhile Christmas sampler album. No sales pressure, no hassle, and they e mail you the link for free download.

This is why I completely agree with them when they say their motto is "We are not evil".
I wish the companies represented by the Recording Industry Association of America would remove their deer-ishness from the headlights, and get similar clues to the future of music distribution. In the meantime, I'm glad to have Christmas songs which don't feature the words "blue Christmas", Santa and baby in the same line, or any citizens band radio lyrics.

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