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fields of endless grass

fields of endless grass, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My local favorite, the Trinity Trail, is but a few miles outside Allen, near the town of Lucas, Texas. From the earliest Spring to the latest Autumn, I like to see the weekly transformations along this simple lakeside hike.

When I arrived today, laden with cameras and mp3 player, two horse trailers were in the parking lot. When I began to hike, I found that many of the grasses and flowers had yellowed into the oncoming winter, though the temperature outside was warm in the San Francisco sense. I loved to watch the grass wave, in a way similar to the green grass at the Antelope Valley poppy preserve in southern California.

I walked the trail down to Hiker's Point, passing a number of incredulous cows, indifferent crows, three horse riders ( in pleasingly non-lethal doses), a great white heron, a number of seagulls in flight (apparently eschewing New Age rhetoric in favor of a patter that might be at home at an auction or circus), and cormorants sitting on bare trees submerged in a huge lake.
I saw cedar berries, tiny yellow flowers, and cedars standing like stark holiday trees against a relentless Great Lake of waving brown.

I took video, as well as a number of pictures with my 3/10ths of a megapixel Mikona "fun" digicam. I love the almost lumiere indistinctness of this inexpensive camera. I loved the sound of downtempo electronica on my mp3 player, such as Henri :Pettersen's "Traveler" album and the vim and zip of a number of Cagey House songs.

When I got home, I went into our back yard, and through vigorous pick-up effort made our yard seem somewhat less like a yard inhabited by two charming dogs. I also took the two charming dogs for a walk around the pond, in which they delighted.

Tonight we went to see "Enchanted", which was a pleasant surprise.
I also got to eat a small gingerbread man and a pleasantly proportioned salmon.

I finished a remix which features four samples from Bucky Jonson, the back-up band from the Black-eyed Peas gracious enough to make their samples available at ccmixter for remix, as well as thirty samples from the freesound project. It's a bit busy, in the way that
pure fun can be busy.

I titled the remix "Moodle", in honor of by Sam Renseiw, a Copenhagen fellow who uses my music, in unaltered or wonderfully mashed-up form, to accompany pataphysical videos. I love whimsy and the absurd. Sam calls his videos "voodles", for "video doodle", so my song was "Moodle", because I found samples at random and blended them into the song to create a pleasing juxtaposition. Life is there for the taking, if only one blends in with flair.


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