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angelic cinema

Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta), originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My favorite holiday movie scene is in the Woody Allen film Broadway Danny Rose. The protagonist, a failed agent for failed novelty acts, hosts Thanksgiving at his apartment. With the compassion that he shows often in the movie, he serves each a fine turkey dinner--a TV dinner.

My favorite TV dinner is a patio Mexican dinner, with beef enchiladas, tamales, rice and beans. We did not have many restaurants in our small town. We had the Daisy Queen. We had Earl's Cafe, a plate lunch place with its incredible home-baked rolls. For a while, there was a catfish place on the edge of town which fried its fish really, really deeply, like the way as a 20sometthing one imagined one would talk about things that mattered with the girl at the bookstore at the mall who would never know one is alive. There were no Mexican restaurants.

TV dinners were a world cuisine. I don't eat so many now, although I do have a Swiss enchilada Lean Cuisine calling me at the work freezer. It's saying "Lunch, soon, please".

Two social events in one weekend have me a bit zoned this evening.
I've got a great new melody, a spoken word track that a nice fellow from this country called England recorded for me, and a mountain of field recordings to leaven out the mix. I'm just waiting for the second spoken word track, and perhaps to cut in a few song snippets from the song I'm remixing. Every time a remix zings an angel gets her wings.

I'm pondering stress, and it is pondering me right back. Where is my science fiction? The evil machines are beginning to speak through the space/time continuum, and I need to see how humankind survives them--and that's only book two.


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