Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

drifing towards heaven(s)

I went this morning to pick up my car from the shop. The bumper-to-bumper warranty, which extends from the late Jurassic period until the end of the dawning of the Age of Robotics, once more served me in good stead. I had to pay for a few things, but only a fraction of what I would have had to pay if Hyundai were not my vendor.

The chill today increased slightly, from "barely cool in the morning accelerating to warm by the afternoon" down to "nippy cool in the morning and a bit chilled in the afternoon". The birds on the feeder
of my partner's office window tucked in as if food were going out of style. Meanwhile, wherever I look I see raptors in flight. Things pass into memory like so many fleeting, fleeing field mice.

This has been a time when people I know face illness and rumours of illness. I feel that sense of fortune and mild guilt that my life poses me few problems at present along that line. I am grateful to be too young and also too old for health schadenfreude.

Everywhere today the 'net is abuzz with discussion of a star 41 light years away around which a fifth planet has been discovered to orbit. The customary speculations about life on other planets ensue. I personally am not sure we have discovered all the intelligent life on this planet yet, and I would be personally amused and pleased if Europa is one big microbial cold shower.

In a future time, perhaps people will wonder if we wonder if we are one of the last generations to miss out on some pretty key answers. I can report to the future that we do wonder if--and know that--we are missing so many things by the accident of our timing here. I would also advise the future, though, that we also know of the delicious pleasure of mystery, and of living in the unanswered questions.


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