Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

black bean draws the Austen

Some work at my office, oatmeal and two scrambled eggs at a coffee shop on Northwest Highway, mums and butterflies at the arboretum with the mp3 player on a delightful "shuffle", a trip to the Cokebury bookstore to get a book on which I am to "facilitate" the lesson tomorrow (would have gone quicker if I had not forgotten author and title), dinner with spouse and friends at Cafe Brazil, where I had a big bread bowl of black bean soup, enjoyment of the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" (amusing light Summer fare with literary references improbably being shown in an art house), a late night dog walk around little Glendover Pond.

A drone sample I posted at ccmixter got used today on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio show "Spark", accompanying, oddly fittingly, an article on what color tissue products should be, more or less. Today went welll--tomorrow will go even better.

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