Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

smile, wave

We had more than forty children stop by our house and recite "Trick or Treat", although one fellow, perhaps confusing his signals, went instead with "candy or you die", later to amended to "candy and you die", while another girl went with the tried-and-true "Spellaranimus!". I like the tiny childen the best. All the neighbor children I know a bit have gotten so large that I did not recognize a few of them.

I'm on a break from listening to "Hot Topics in Texas Appellate Law", which glosses over the main hot topic, about how the current Texas Supreme Court is so quick to reverse this or that plaintiff's verdict. I like this one, with its conversational court-insider style, although I also liked the more academic earlier seminar I heard, about "cooking the books", i.e., financial statement manipulation. I like it when a seminar confirms that what I think I know I actually do know, while teaching me a thing or two I do not know.

We watched a large portion of the oft-seen but never tiring movie "Ghost". We ate oven-fried tilapia and roasted red potatoes, with a nice salad. I continued to make progress on my science fiction novel. I thought about cool Halloween costumes, with no intention to wearing one, which is just as well, because the one I thought about as a cool idea, "The Bride Wore Black", would really not be me. When I walked back to my office from Subway Sandwich Shop, a young woman dressed as a Dark Angel showed the same kind of spirt. I like Halloween, but as a children's holiday. I am always glad when I see the amateur grocery-store costumes which remind me of my own childhood.

Sunday as I sat in my upstairs office remixing music with my headphones on, I looked up through the semi-circle which is atop the window to the outer limits of the world. A huge red balloon, with two passengers, occupied the field of vision of the window, no more than 50 yards away. I reached up and waved. They looked down and waved back. Then they floated away. This is true connection, three days before Halloween.

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