Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

keep on looking to the east.

Today I turned on a radio station called "Fred" on this XM satellite radio with which my loaner car is implanted. The radio station began playing Bill Nelson's "Flaming Desire", an old favorite rarely heard on any radio station.

I like the spark of those folks at the thoughtful rock magazine Paste.
They're doing a Radiohead-style subscription drive--a pay-what-you-want one year subscription. I plan to subscribe, and pay at least normal label prize. I admire people who live their lives with spirit and
verve. When a magazine shows both, it's time to subscribe.

I bought a new Braun electric shaver today. Shavers pose a dilemma for me. I cannot really use manual razors effectively, as I am easily cut. I do not grow beards or moustaches easily, but instead after an interval of growth merely look in need of a shave. Yet electric razors always have a short shelf-life in my house. I suppose I must just accept that I will be buying a lot of electric razors in my life--and also one day have a massive eBay sale of all the dormant ones in my drawer. I have a veritable Easter Island of non-functioning electric razors, like big heads in search of Heaven.

Today the newspapers are full of the Eagles, while the Doobie Brothers played Dallas last weekend. The local Dallas Morning News reviewer actually called the Doobie Brothers a "California" band. In some literal but irrelevant senses, I suppose they are. I also suppose he thinks "China Grove" is about San Francisco and not San Antonio.

We are zeroing in on our January trip. Yet now it is only November, a few days away.


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