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As you hike it

a jumble of lepidopter, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today my wife rose early, as she has a couple of days off, and caught a flight to Kansas City to see her sisters. I am glad she will get to see said sisters, their spouses, and the two wonderful nieces (one with each sister). I arose a little later, and took our dogs for a morning walk in the chil but pleasant clear air.

I worked on a remix in which I try to create a music pastiche in the "downtempo house" style of electronica. That fellow Krishnamurti said the tag about how truth is a pathless land, but my own view has been more along the lines of the idea that truth is a beatless land. Nonetheless I've enjoyed wrangling with a number of disparate Creative Commons sample in search of a sound to love. I've made a lot of progress, but there are a few loose rough edges to smooth.
I have found a lot of Creative Commons samples to mix with, which means I have not had to create any of my usual arrays of birds and nose flutes.

I stopped by our church's annual crafts bazaar, but I was disappointed to find that, but for a few quilts I found hip and a fist-sized metal gothic cross or two of roughly "I smite you" size, the wares for sale fell largely under that old-fashioned category called "girly". I went to the bake sale table. I am rather picky about where I will spend my baked good calories these days, and since they had no gingerbread men, I had no baked goods. Next year I will try to make aluminum can airplanes or garden hoe kalimbas to offer wares in a booth that will appeal to all genders and all peoples, whatever their faith may be. In kitsch there is no east or west.

I went to the Heard Natural Science Center, but detoured away from the robot dinosaurs and onto the wetland trails. My mp3 player and I had it largely to ourselves, so that I could note the cool woodland as where I was walking when lisa debenedictis' song "spin" came on, and the expanse of prairie field as the setting for her song "cello song". The west Texas xerigraphic garden featured lots of blooms and butterflies.

I went by blockbuster video because a friend had suggested the movie "the corporation", but blockbuster lacked this title. I got "as you like it" and "scoop" instead. I also need to watch some Mandatory Continuing Legal Education videos this weekend, so my dance card is full of fun charlestons.


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