Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

every one a winner

Choose your duck, win a prize, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I loved the feeling last night when the first Autumn cold front chilled the house into a quilt-desiring crispness. The high winds Sunday morning, which aided and abetted some kite flying, proved to be the herald of a wonderful first Autumn chill. Although Sunday, when we went to see the robot dinosaurs, things were pleasantly warm, Monday brought a rain storm. Monday night brought the delightful chill.

As my on-line Scrabble average threatens to slip once more below .500, I am attracted to the idea of games of chance. Choose your duck, win a prize. So many things in life have an apppealing midway randomness about them.

I run the name gurdonark through the artist search engine at, to see who listens to my music. Inevitably, I find people I do not know, who are generally 20something and from Germany or Poland.
I take some comfort in the listening habits of random strangers.

My wife mentioned that she'd like to visit Norway someday, to see the fjords. I spent a moment yesterday looking at little rental cabins near Bergen. If time and circumstances permit, that might be a nice vacation. Our more immediate vacation is to be to a warmer climate in January. I read the numerous travel advisories about Mexico, and the less disquieting ones about Costa Rica. Soon we'll choose a time and place to travel.

I cannot believe that November is less than ten days away. I love Autumn, with its season-passing random bursts of weather. When I lived in Calfornia, my favorite Fall site was the day after Thanksgiving, when the Descanso Gardens gingko tree shed its golden leaves all at once. I always thought of exotic places and Tolkien's mallorns. In Texas it is time to plant pansies, and to watch hawks sitting on telephone poles.


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