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Fall Cleaning

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Today we went for oatmeal at Mimi's and then we buckled down to work. I've had various housework projects on my "to do" list for a long time, but the advent of visitors next weekend made progress mandatory.

I took boxes we had procured for the purpose and sorted my books to try to find books to donate to charity. I succeeded in paring the book collection down. I also tackled my "art" room, which has been sadly in need of a major cleaning for months, if not years. My wife tackled other areas, and we together tackled a number of areas. We made very good progress at disposing of things and making the place much better. I'm still not happy with "my" spare room's appearance at all, but it now is merely less than perfectly organized rather than in chaos.

We also got our upstairs common area in good shape, moving furniture hither and thither, and deciding to donate away extra quilts we packratted through my success on some eBay auctions years ago. Quilts hold a special place in my heart, but so does order.

We ate lunch at the new Vietnamese restaurant near us, at which the pho ga' is always dependable. I also had success in figuring out how to get's new mp3 download service to facilitate purchases. I was happy with the ease with which I could buy music without going through itunes. My first two purchases were Dolores O'Riordan's latest album and R. Stevie Moore's cover of Halfnelson's (later known as Sparks) song "Fletcher Honorama". I also loaded my mp3 player with a number of Lisa Debenedictis songs I had already purchased from Magnatune, to give my mp3 player a more pop feel than the ambient/downtempo/chill/noise/experimental bent it usually has these days.

At day's end I went to small Bethany Lakes Park, where ducks swam as sunset set in. It was a day full of solid work, and I'm glad to have gotten so much done.


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