Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fruit of the ponderous tree

Osage oranges, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

This week skates by on little cat's skates. The weather forecast uses words like "cold front", but the air remains warm. The next three days will feature a great deal of intense work-related things, which will be simultaneously taxing and fun. I've developed a weakness for little candy things called smarties, and I am tempted to declare a moratorium. I've drastically reduced stress-driven eating in my life, and want to eliminate it once and for all. I'd rather do creative things or even read a book to lower my stress.

I've done a few creative-hobby things lately, but I'm not very happy with my current "run" at creativity. I need to focus, and to get things done. Usually, I am great at finishing things, because I don't see the point of being half-finished with hobby projects. Right now, though, I am in the midst of a half-dozen or so things I need to finish. Also, I think that one thing I did finish, a music remix, was disappointing--fun, but disappointing. I try to give myself permission, though, to do something fun, even if it will not turn out to be anything special.

At least I have a good book to read (and its sequels),and a plan to do major Fall cleaning on Saturday.

I like to hit the LiveJournal random key repeatedly to experience new journals. I liked the one in Greek by the fellow who posted a really hip picture of a pick-up truck climbing a nearly vertical mountain laced with pine trees. This one was more satisfactory than the journal by the woman who was trying to use her journal to promote her salacious telephone chat service. On another note, I can report with some anecdotal certainty that teenagers still get their feelings hurt, and write about it in public posts in weblogs. My heart did go out, though, to the woman in Toronto who posted about losing custody of one of her two children, and of the ignominy of not only living at home, but nonetheless managing to fail to pay a car payment and a utility bill. People face difficulties sometimes. It's all a random link away.

I love osage oranges. They're the fruit of the bois d'arc tree. They look like a cross between a grapefruit and a breadfruit. I don't eat them, though, but just like to see them like so many bowling balls. Life is a giant nine-pins game, after all.


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