Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

early Saturday morning concert

I'd like to invite you to experience my early Saturday morning.

Imagine yourself 25 miles north of Dallas, on a warm October morning under a cloudy sky.
Place yourself in a two-story brick facade tract home, in a neighborhood of attractive but rather similar tract homes, down the street from an elementary school, a swimming pool, and a small lake park.

You have the morning paper with you as you lie on the sofa. Your little black dog sometimes exits through the back door's dog passage, in search of the bunnies which are now still plentiful, but will soon disappear.

The morning is utterly peaceful, and everything seems asleep, when a bird atop the chimney begins to sing. You place a voice recorder on the fireplace grate, and just listen:

[click above to play birdsong]
I have been considering going to hear the band Rilo Kiley play a concert tonight, largely because I can never pick up any media without an interview with a band member being featured somewhere. But when I hear birdsong, I wonder if I might buy an mp3 or two on, and just enjoy the symphony around me.

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