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clutter roadshow

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Today I drove from court in downtown Dallas back to my office, using side streets. I deviated from my journey when I was on one of those M Street adjacent neighborhoods which has charming, non-tract housing. The sign that caused me to take a turn for the worsted said "Estate Sale ------->".

The sale held real promise when I arrived. The wares were abundant and laid out in no particular order, like a used bookstore so fun that it takes pride in making customers sift the masses of books. I hoped the pricing was as haphazard as the display.

Sadly, though, the prices bore that familiar mark that "someone has been watching 'antiques roadshow' and growing very big eyes". Nice curios were priced as if they were treasured antiques.

I usually watch for books or interesting gizmos at such sales. The book selection alternated between 1940s Career and Business School offerings on accounting and the novel Le Divorce, the former of which I should probably read but will not; the latter of which I have read already. She traveled the world, and only her guidebooks remain behind. I did not buy any books. The gizmo landscape was gizmo-free.

In five minutes such as those I spent in such a house, one can see what is left behind when the life is drawn from the home like a huge drag from an imaginary cigarette. Lately I think about dispensing with all the accumulations of my packrat ways. Sights like this give me backbone.

There will be a day of self-reckoning soon, and fortunately no particularly awful judgments are apt to result. But perhaps I will make progress in avoiding being someone's estate sale.

As for the home I visited, I know that the prices will all drop two hours before the end of the sale, when nobody "bites" at "roadshow pricing". But I have clutter enough already to need to buy any more.


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