Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kadu and pulao

Tonight we met our friends Scott and Donna at Richardson's Afghan Grill. What a lovely place! We arrived at 6 p.m., and had the place nearly to ourselves. The entire state was glued to an athletic contest in which we heard that a group of jayhawkers were decimating a pasture full of longhorn steers (the name of the game, apparently was football). The restaurant was quiet, pleasant, and comfortable.

My appetizer was the kadu bouranee, a sweet pumpkin concoction, served with a bit of yogurt and a few traces of a ground beef meat sauce. The main course was Qibili pulau (note to self--is this a Qibili an acceptable Scrabble word?) . This pulau featured saffron rice under a bed of carrots and raisins, with chicken admixed within--it was wonderful.

Our friends brought me a rather belated birthday gift--an amusing Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure in the original packaging. I am sure that this will make me an eBay billionaire in the year 2043. I never thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar looked like Faith Ford until I saw this action figure.

Our friend Scott wore seersucker pants, and we talked of the thing of wonder which is a seersucker suit, and laughed when I told my wife to make a note that next Christmas we must gift Scott a panama straw hat. I am not one for this kind of covetousness, but perhaps everything that is wrong with me can be explained in terms of gamma rays and the absence of a seersucker suit.

Now I feel like a restaurant evangelist, wanting to urge all of Texas to try the Afghan Grill and make it bloom and grow like an edelweiss. I live in an odd area, where people love chain restaurants, and can miss out on wonderful alternative choices. It would be a shame if the Afghan Grill does not get the following it richly deserves. I know it earned two loyal new customers tonight.

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