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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I went to our church at 6:50 a.m. to help with the Angel Food Ministries distribution. This project uses a bulk sales model to sell inxpensive groceries to anyone who buys, without needs testing or other condescending "are you really poor?" dialogue. The idea is that the participation of non-affluent and affluent together yields larger bulk orders and hence lower prices. A standard "box" of food costs about 25 dollars and delivers two to three times that value as compared with grocery store prices.

I came for the first part of the project, in which people with brave hearts and true board pick up trucks encumbered with a trailer to pick up the food from a distribution center. I ended up volunteering, though, to do table set up.

I love manual labor. It is perhaps the only labor I am truly good at doing. I leave to the crafty quilting and knitting. I am much better at throwing a box around. Today I feared that table set-up would not flex my muscles sufficiently, but I found lots of active things to do.

At some point in the morning, I found myself manning a green bean station. I stood with some fifty sacks of green beans. Chorus lines of people boxing food trooped by, each obtaining from me one package of the magic beans. From such stuff greenstalks grow.

During the breaks I stood around and sang to myself the Free Form Five song that seems to be my most frequent Youtube play these days. Soon, we were assisting customers with fetching their orders.
Someone would hand me a sticker with the order I would secure the necessary boxes--one regular, one special # 1, two special # 2, and so forth.

I then left for a cinnamon roll. Just after my shower, a client called, ensuring, along with an earlier e mail from someone else, that my Sunday will involve some afternoon effort. Today is still Saturday, though, and we are eating Afghan food tonight, and the moon may well be orange.


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