Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

When I get insomnia, I write my senator.

They say that you should not discuss politics, religion, chess, or tastes in music in public. Sadly,I never was much good at listening to them. The problem, of course, is that everyone, including myself, imagines they are setting out holy writ, when in fact most writings on these matters are obvious, one way or another.

My United States Senators are from the opposite political party than the party to which I belong. Yet I think it's still okay to write them from time to time. This morning, I decided to write one about our troops.

Dear Senator Cornyn:

Although I did not support our entry into the war (for the reason, proven true, that we would win the war and then have a hard time winning the peace), I support your resolution which supports the troops and condemns the attack on General Petraeus.

I believe that the majority of Americans, including myself, view the decision to go to war in Iraq as a mistake, although some, such as myself, opposed it from the outset, while most others are instead deeply disappointed with the handling of the war by Mr. Rumsfeld and other non-military personnel. I believe that even the staunchest supporters of the war, such as yourself, must recognize that poor strategy and pennywise/pound-foolish defense plans delayed the implementation of effective strategies to win the peace until it may be too late to aciheve it.

I applaud that you support our troops. The recent GAO report on the shortcomings of the VA system in delivering timely benefits, even after the Walter Reed fiasco, deserves hard-hitting attention from troop-conscious senators. I also take comfort in my belief that you will be conscious of the needs of soldiers in the field, and work to ensure that our department of defense gets armored vehicles and basic equipment to our troops. Inefficiency in supply is a problem in any war, but this one presents particularly disturbing stories of troops in the field waiting for essentials.

You need not agree with the majority of your constituents, who believe it is time to devise an effective, long-term and realistic exit strategy in Iraq. But you have common ground with us about the troops.

I believe that your party, while in control of the Congress, failed to adequately monitor the protection of troops in the field from the inefficiency of bureaucrats and profiteer contractors. We are seeing the fallout of this failure play out now. But I do not believe you are a supporter of these failures, but an opponent of these failures. If there have been errors made by our executive branch, it is my hope that even your strong allegiances will not keep you from seeking to remedy them.

I ask that you take your admirable pro-troop stance on the offensive to ensure that no vet and no soldier in the field is neglected because ideologues or
administrators think it is more cost-effective to delay providing the care or the material these folks need.

We may disagree about the decision to enter the war, but we cannot disagree about the troops.

America needs its politicians to make fewer speeches attacking those who oppose the war, and more speeches ensuring that no soldier goes without needed equipment,such as delayed armored vehicles,or needed care at the VA.

I agree with was completely out of bounds.

But I hope you'll agree that it is the job of you, Senator Hutchinson and every person in ether house of Congress to make sure our troops are treated better not only by fund-raisers in newspapers, but by our own VA and department of defense.

That, to me, is the real issue--and not a stupid and unwarranted ad by a fund-raiser.


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