Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The surf-fish of sound

Copano Bay Pier, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

We are all fishers of sound. We participate in a culture which pre-determines for us, to some extent, what sounds we find appealing and what sounds we find repulsive.

The nature/nurture of sound is everywhere. Theoriests historically got tripped up on this problem. Some notions even arose that western scales were "natural" while scales from other cultures were "aberrant". Everyone imagines that they teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Yet for all the errors of species memory that arise, surely there must be some reactions to music which are "in-built".

I do the best I can to expand the waters in which I fish. I pick up a Zebco 33 and cast my beetle spin out into new listening waters. Sometimes I find a familiar sound, like a routine bream catch. Sometimes the sounds are new species, hauled from deep beneath the pier.

I never want to lose my fondness for the familiar, but I never want to stop casting out for unique and interesting catch.


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