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Los Angeles traffic, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Last night I picked up sauerkraut, pork, little white potatoes and squash, so that I can duplicate last week's crockpot miracle for an audience. Eight hours on low = one shining moment of joy.

Sometimes I think that my possessions would make a nice rummage sale--very little in the way of antiques roadshow possibilities, but definite knick knack treasure troves.

I have gotten involved in a modest way with supporting Donors Choose, a materials-for-schools donation program. Last night I got an e mail stating that the other donations needed to complement my partial funding for a handbells project had not yet funded, and was in its last innings. My off-the-cuff reaction is that everyone should have handbells. I suspect that any shortcomings I face in part stem from a want of regular handbell play.

I puzzle a bit at the grant requests that are posted on the site. When they involve things I know about, such as chess equipment, the price per unit they intend to pay exceeds a price I can locate for such units without much effort. I wish they had a forum with a section called "I can get it for you wholesale".


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