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Today I spent a relaxing day resting and doing hobby-related things.
I made my now-monthly pilgrimage to Weight Watchers. I was eager to see if my crockpot regime had helped or hurt my weight program,
as each day featured me eating substantial quantities of rather large amounts of food.

I was pleased to find that I had lost weight, from 212 down to just over 207. Perhaps I can make a run at 199, which sounds like a good prime-ish number to reach.

I was pleased to get some extra sleep this afternoon. I walked the dogs tonight after dinner. Two little girls who were about to go home from the swimming pool stopped and lavished attention on the dogs. The dogs responded quite favorably to this development.

I dropped my Los Angeles pictures off for development, but forgot to pick them up. That will give me a nice task to do on the way to work, along with mailing things to IRS and preparing various other deliverables for delivery.


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