Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

how to cook without really cooking

This morning, after eating a rare breakfast "out" at a Mimi's for a rich and tasty oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar and a fun fantasy novel, I stopped in at the Kroger grocery store. I've been doing the "fend for myself" routine for days, as my wife is on a business trip in Boston. But I have been doing more heating things up and stopping at Boston Market and eating cold cereal than actually cooking.

My belief is that all one needs to succeed in cookery is a crock pot and a stack of simple vegetables and meats. Therefore, I picked up some boneless and skinless chicken breasts,baby carrots, white potatoes, and a crookneck squash. I sliced the squash, and loaded it with everything else without ceremony or water into the crock pot. Tonight, some six hours of cooking on the "slow" setting later, everything turned out tender and well-cooked. I added a little sea salt and a McCormick seasoning called "Montreal Steak", whose label advises that it has "Flavor You Can See!". The resulting admixture was tasty in the extreme.

This afternoon I loaded my bicycle onto my car, and drove to a nearby park in Plano, where I rode the Bluebonnet bike trail. The Spring bluebonnets are long gone. I enjoyed the ride in the mid-afternoon heat.

This quiet day involved practical things like dry cleaning and laundry. I'm pleased it went so well.

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